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Located at the northwestern spot of Greece, Corfu island has always been important for its strategic location, connecting Europe with Greece. one of the most beautiful and famous islands of the country, its historical connection with Europe has led to a large cultural legacy left behind by Venetians, French and British who have conquered the island during the centuries.

Nowadays, Corfu has a large amount of monuments that combine harmoniously with the cosmopolitan feeling of the locals which comes along with tradition and touristic activity in a special mix of all those different cultures that affected their lives through the years.

Being one of the first greek islands to develop tourism accommodations since the 1960’s, Corfu island provided to travellers from all around the world a wonderful experience of fun and natural beauty combined with tradition and culture.

Exploring Corfu island can turn out to be a great experience for anyone. Once one decides to visit Corfu, all he has to do is rent a car and start discovering all the unique places that he may discover. Corfu island is full of picturesque traditional villages inhabited by lovely and smiley locals who are ready to welcome you and recommend you to their way of living.

The monuments and the must visit places in Corfu Island are so many that one, might be difficult to choose. Indicatively, in Corfu Old Town, just a couple kilometres away from the National Airport of Corfu and the Port of Corfu, you would absorb centuries of culture and civilisation in a small radius from the centre of Corfu Town.

You certainly should visit the Old Fortress and the New Fortress of Corfu Town – once upon a time used for the island’s defence from invaders – the Museum of Asian Art, the Liston, the Spianada Square, the Mon Repos Palace and of course the Town itself which was built through the years with all the influences from the Europeans who invaded Corfu. Most of the buildings and houses in Corfu town are old but well maintained and many of them count even up to 250 years of age!

Of course the rest of Corfu Island is full of excellent destinations that you can rent a car and visit, such us the famous beaches of Palaiocastritsa, Acharavi, Agios Georgios, Agios Gordios, Issos, Barbati and much more.

Heading North you can visit places with lots of nightlife choices and marvellous beaches, like Sidari, Acharavi, Ipsos or Dassia. Of Course do not miss the chance to explore places that might be less famous as tourist destinations, but are absolutely must-visit places, especially if you like adventure and nature, such as Peritheia, or Corrision Lake

While on the road, the natural beauty of Corfu island – which creates a marvellous colour palette with green and brown of the plants and trees, golden yellow sand of its beaches, deep blue of the waters and light blue of the wonderful sunny sky – is a perfect experience for anyone.

If you are travelling as a couple, family or a small group of friends, rent a car, ride it and enjoy all the beauty of Corfu island while exploring the island. Since you start driving from one place to another, you will see so many interesting and beautiful views that you will make yourself stop a lot of times to enjoy the landscape and maybe take a picture!

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